What kind of feeling inspired the first artists of our species? We try to get under the skin of a paleolithic child and see through his eyes. We intend to approach the past through the vestiges to comprehend them. Therefore, a figure of a horse will not only be a design in a stone, but also a living being to empathize with. This figure, which had a great importance for our ancestors, comes back (animated) to inspire us today. This short film is inspired by the UNESCO World Heritage paleolithic engravings of Vale do Côa (Portugal) and Siega Verde (Spain).

From a creative point of view, we want to offer a new perspective on prehistoric life through a surprising staging. The backgrounds are real and the animations are integrated with the style of the original engravings. This work does not have any dialogs, and the narration depelops through gesture and orchestral music, performed by the Kiev Simphonic Orchestra.